our hay


Pitchfork Farm is committed to producing a Premium, nutrient rich forage product for the equine community and we manage all aspects of our hay operation with this sole purpose in mind. We only produce small square bale hay, NO round rolls or large squares are made.


Pitchfork farm is growing two new hybrid Bermuda grass varieties: Pennington Seed Companies Cheyenne II and Tierra Verde.  Both grasses are seeded varieties that require no sprigging and we are most pleased with the outcome and we know our customers will be as well.  Both varieties produce a leafy palatable hay with excellent nutritional value.

Field maintenance and fertilization

The key to producing premium hay is to start with a premium grass field. Our Vaughn’s Bermuda grass fields are weed-free allowing for maximum fertilizer uptake. Our hay fields are aerated each spring promoting strong root growth and allowing for improved water and nutrient infiltration. Soils are sampled and fertilizer blends are applied to ensure maximum grass quality. Properly fertilized grass produces hay that is more palatable and nutritious than non-fertilized hays.

Pivot Irrigation

For a commercial hay producer, pivot irrigation is essential. Irrigation provides for hay production even in times of drought and reduces stress on growing grass which provides for a premium hay product.


The key to producing a premium hay product is to harvest the hay field at the proper stage of maturity and store the hay in the barn as soon as possible. The more advanced the maturity, the less nutritious the hay. Pitchfork Farm has invested in all the latest haying equipment and is staffed to make our hay quickly. Bleached hay or hay that is too dry is less nutritious hay.

Handling and Storage

Once the grass is cut, the use of Tedders facilitates faster and more even drying. On board moisture meters insure proper moisture content and the use of multiple balers and the Bale Baron insures hay is baled and stored in the barn quickly. Small squares are tied in 21 bale bundles for ease of handling and transport