loading & delivery

Please call and make an appointment to load hay. Some farm employees reside on the farm so we can usually accommodate any schedule, even weekends. We will load your truck or trailer and assist you tying down your load.
Pitchfork Farm also has the ability to load semi-trailers, either enclosed of flatbed, typically in less than 30 minutes. No waiting around at our place, just WATCH!!



Delivery Services:

For LOCAL delivery, there is a delivery charge based upon distance. Please see the attached schedule for rates. There will be an additional charge if we are required to stack your hay delivery.

0-15 miles $75
15-30 miles $125
30-50 miles $175

Out of State Shipments

Pitchfork Farm provides Premium hay to many end users located in states other than Tennessee. We are active in the truck freight market and can provide you a delivered quote using either a covered van or flatbed trailer.